What Sets Us Apart

Where Great Smiles Begin!

Since 1977, our doctors and team have been honored to set the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health and great smiles, one child at a time!

Our pediatric dentistry practice is a friendly and laughter-filled space, where each child is welcomed as a new friend and cared for as family. With painless treatment, lots of gentle guidance and education, and plentiful praise, we earn children’s trust and help them feel at ease.

Establishing comfort in the dental environment, and developing good oral health practices early, ensures children grow up ready to maintain their smiles, for life!

Why Choose Pedodontic Associates?

Our practice is designed with children in mind: we expect kids to be kids and love the unique and wonderful energy each child brings to our space!

  • Positive Experiences: Our doctors and staff are highly-trained professionals. They have the experience and dedication needed to connect with children in a non-threatening manner, easing anxieties and ensuring children feel safe. It’s not unusual to find us crouched down beside a worried child, talking about their fears and patiently helping them gain confidence. At other times we’re trading jokes or listening to the details of a child’s latest adventure or newest interest.
  • Informed Dental Care: We work closely with parents and families to design the child’s treatment. Reviewing diagnostics, walking parents through treatment options, and answering all questions, we make sure families make knowledgeable decisions about their child’s oral health!
  • Education and Prevention: We spend a lot of time teaching parents and children about the role oral health plays in overall wellness. This helps everyone understand why it is important to maintain clean and healthy teeth and gums, and helps children develop good dental hygiene practices. We also focus on prevention and early intervention, because it’s easier to stop little issues before they become big problems!
  • Comprehensive, Convenient Children’s Dentistry: Taking care of your child’s oral health should be stress-free – for you and your little one! Our six pediatric dentists and talented team are here to make everything go smoothly. We offer leading-edge, comprehensive dental care for infants, children, and teens, Saturday appointments, and three locations: in Kahala, Pearlridge, and Kahului.